Park Bikes Update - Hanging Tough, Staying Hungry...

Park Bikes Update - Hanging Tough, Staying Hungry...

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Dear Customers,

As I write, four separate teams of engineers are working their way through the Opal Tower building. While most people were enjoying the fun of the festive week, these guys were setting up camp to investigate a series of cracks throughout the 30-storey high rise that also happens to be the new location of Park Bikes. I’m sure you all heard about it on the news.

We were excited to move into our new digs in the Opal Tower, and we are both devastated and infuriated to advise that while the investigation continues, we don’t have access to our store.  

We have been really sorry to have had to close at what is, traditionally, a great time for us. We’ve been busy preparing Christmas gifts for kids (little and not so little) that we know will be loved and treasured. We are usually helping travellers to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under festival, making sure they have a bike that works, and anything else required for a safe and happy trip. We’d normally be sending families off on summer holidays with new bikes, giving kids and even some adults that first taste of what it’s like to have the independence and freedom that cycling can bring. It’s actually been really disappointing for us to be missing this time of year, and we apologise that we are not around to help.

It’s funny, but having to temporarily close your business does not mean you all of a sudden have a heap of free time on your hands. We’ve been busy completing as many orders, services and repairs as we can. My team have, as always, been amazing, coming in on days off to, as we say “get it done”. Having survived the triage phase of the shut down, I’ve moved on to communicating directly with the builders in charge of the works, and negotiating a temporary solution with our landlord in as a "worst case scenario" however after recent conversations with the builders, we are likely to be back inside our shop trading by Saturday 5th January, so the temporary shop may not be required.

I've found through adversity and hardship comes extra strength, and strong relationships. Since Christmas Eve, we've got to know some fantastic people who live at Opal Tower, and we have made good friends with our neighbours - the Mint Bar, who’ll soon be serving up coffee and, we hope, a good dose of positive thinking, conviviality and enthusiasm!

In summary, below is our proposed schedule for the next week or so. Please feel free to come say hi anytime – it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and we’ve missed you guys! 

Park Bikes – Location and Opening Hours:

Thursday 3rd January - Closed

Friday 4th January - Closed (email for anything urgent)

Saturday 5th January - OPEN 10am -4pm

Sunday 6th January - OPEN 10am -2pm

Monday 7th January - OPEN 7am - 7pm

Tuesday 8th January OPEN 7am - 7pm

MOST IMPORTANTLY…. On Thursday 10th January our previously advertised Opening Party WILL GO AHEAD, regardless of where we are! We’ll have it in the street if we have to (apologies Sydney Olympic Park Authority but desperate times….).

Finally, our thoughts really do go out to the residents of Opal Tower who do not currently have access to their homes. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Bassam and Mark from Ecove, plus the Waterpoint Building Management staff for their support in this tough situation. They’ve been working hard, and, from what we have seen, have done everything they can under the circumstances.

Once again, thank you for your support. Your kind messages are very much appreciated.