Tuned for Life

Tuned for life is a simple way of looking after your bicycle for it’s life. As we sell brands that support you with a lifetime frame warranty we wanted to offer to our customers a lifetime of free tune ups for your bike. A lifetime of free tune ups makes sure that between your recommended scheduled servicing your bike is always running at its optimum.

What does a tune up entail?

A tune up includes the following;

  • Front and rear gear adjustments to cable tension.
  • Front and rear brake adjustment to cable tension, spring tension and caliper alignment
  • Lubrication of chain
  • Tires inflated
  • 25 point safety check including tightening bolts
  • Frame inspection

What does the tune up not include?

Tune ups are a basic adjustment to the most common problems we see in store (cable stretch, chain lubrication and bolts rattling loose).

The tuned for life program does not include:

  • Wear and tear
  • Parts or labour for broken or worn components
  • Any cleaning of the bicycle, components or drivetrain
  • Punctures to inner tubes
  • Spoke replacement
  • Damage or failure on the bicycle due to crashing or poor maintenance.

Why offer a life time tune up?

We love riding our bikes and we want the same for our customers. Offering a free tune up service for the life of your bike gives you the confidence that your bike is regularly being checked by a professional bike shop and are in constant awareness of the condition that your bike is in. If you bring your bike in for its free tune up and parts are worn out or need replacing, we will call and quote you for how much the repairs are before we do any work.

What is the free adjustment worth?

The free tune up in itself is worth $89.95 and takes roughly 45 minutes of work from our professionally equipped workshop.

Is  the Tuned For Life applicable to all Park Bikes customers?

The tuned for life servicing is applicable for all bike purchased after the 01/12/2015, and is only valid to the original purchaser of the bicycle. Tune For Life is not transferable.

Do I need to book for Tune For Life?

Yes, to maintain a high quality of servicing your bike must be booked in either in person, over the phone or via email. This is exactly the same process as our normal servicing. Although we try our best for same day turn around, we cannot always guarantee such a quick turn around.

How often should I bring my bicycle in store?

You are more then welcome to bring your bike in as much possible. We strongly recommend that 2 months after purchase you bring the bike in to be tuned as gear and brake cables do stretch.