Bike Fitting

Classic Fit 


The Classic Bike-Fit is ideal for road cyclists, mountain bikers and hybrid bike riders who are new to cycling, or just those riding for recreation or fitness that want reassurance they are in the most comfortable and safest position to reduce the risk of injury.
The Classic Fit takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. The fit is done on your own bike with a stationary trainer and includes

  • Basic Interview re. history, goals and objectives

  • Lumbopelvic mobility assessment

  • Shoe/Pedal/cleat set up

  • Seat height adjustment

  • Reach adjustment

We can do Classic bike-fits most weekdays, and some Saturdays. We will book you in and send you a calendar invite.


Precision Fit


The Precision Fit is ideal for those spending considerable time on the bike, training with a goal in mind, or suffering any form of discomfort on the bike. The average Precision Fit involves: 

  • An off the bike discussion about needs, goals and history 

  • The existing bike measurements recorded, documented and applied to the Precision Fit Machine

  • A mobility assessment to identify any potential restrictions or limitations 

  • A shoe/cleat set-up based on riding style, stance, and foot anatomy anatomy 

  • The Precision Fit Cyclefit/Computrainer system used to refine position using the existing using motion capture and a complete power analysis. 

  • 15 key coordinates measured and recorded from the "Ideal" position on the Precision Fit machine and transferred to the existing bike 

  • A report is build with images from the bike-fit software, key measurements pre/post and ideal, as well as a plan for further improvement and how to address any issues or inefficiencies . 

Online Fit booking

Use the application below to book in for a bike fitting service or physiotherapy session with our fully accredited in-house physiotherapist, Matthew Sweeney

Phone:  02 9053 7734