Service & Repair

Service & Repair

Exceptional Care

At Park Bikes, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just selling bikes – we're dedicated to ensuring your ride is always in top condition.

Our service and repair department is staffed by passionate, highly skilled technicians who treat every bike as if it were their own. We understand that a bike is more than just a piece of equipment; it's your partner on the road or trail.

That's why we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services, from routine tune-ups to complex overhauls.

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I ride a bit, I generally look after my bike, and I want to ride it more. It's not that old.

  • 10 Point safety check
  • Brakes Adjusted
  • Gears Adjusted
  • Headset adjusted
  • All bolts checked and tightened
  • Tyres pumped up to their recommended pressure
  • Test ride performed
  • Notes from the service documented and saved



I ride it a fair bit. It's getting noisy. It might need some parts replaced.

  • Everything done in the basic service with the addition of:
  • Parts individually degreased using the "Alsco Ecosafe" parts washer
  • Disassembly, inspection, and overhaul of bottom bracket (replacement after calling if needed)
  • Free installation of chain, cassette, bottom bracket, cranks, brake pads and (ie. you pay for parts, but no additional labour)
  • Hubs adjusted
  • Frame washed and polished
  • Wheels trued and checked for damage/wear

PLEASE NOTE: Does not include full hydraulic brake bleed or firmware updates to electronic components. These services can be added at a discounted rate on top of this service.

Full system flush and bleed + $45 (usually $90) Firmware update + $30



I love my bike & I want it completely stripped and rebuilt by the best

  • Complete disassembly of the whole bike, plus everything from the Champion Service with the addition of:
  • Includes cables, both inner and outer or brake hose (not di2 cables)
  • All parts carefully and individually inspected, degreased 
  • Overhaul of hubs
  • Overhaul of headset
  • Free re-tune 2-4 months after service

*Note: this is also the process and price for a groupset swap or building a bike from scratch.

Any Questions?

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