Shimano Crank Recall

Shimano Crank Warranty.

Dear Park Bikes Customers,

You may have heard in the media that Shimano have released a recall for some 11 speed Dura-Ace and Ultegra cranks. Not all are affected by the recall; it is only models produced between June 2012 to June 2019. Here are the cranks and model numbers that may be affected.

Park Bikes are a Shimano dealer and as such will be undertaking inspection of cranks. We have put together a form for you to fill out which will start the Inspection process. 

When you have completed the form (see below), we will reach out to you and plan the next steps.

The form will help us identify if you have an affected crank and allow us to collect the information needed to start the process. 

It is imperative that you complete the form to allow our team to contact you with the next steps. We are currently working closely with Shimano Australia to ensure this is a smooth process and will keep you informed as details are released.

The form can be completed at the following link.

Many thanks,

Park Bikes Team.

** Note Shimano's return rate is 0.7% which is regarded as very good in our industry - ie. 99.3% of their products will never be sent back for warranty.
** Since 2012, we have had less than 50 warranty claims, and none of them have been rejected.