Marginal Gains - Tyre Pressure

Marginal Gains - Tyre Pressure

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Tyre pressure.

In the last 12 months, the bike industry has become obsessed with tyre pressure and tyre size. There's a lot of great research and testing to confirm that it can be a game-changer if tuned properly to your wheels and your riding.

But what if the guage on your pump is 15% out (like many of the basic pumps can be)? That's why we decided to stock the Silca Pista.

Since 1917, Silca has been the global leader in high-performance pumps for cycling. The Pista is a high-performance floor pump with durable, high strength steel barrel, high-efficiency leather piston assembly &
brass check-valve assembly that easily reaches all tire pressures up to 220psi accurately.

If this is your thing, the owner of Silca Josh Poertner is involved in a great podcast called Marginal Gains. Check it out -