Super Human Strength

Super Human Strength

We noticed Alex Malone (Commercial manager for Cyclist Australia/NZ Magazine) cruising around on a Trek Powerfly FS, and asked him what he thought of it & e-bikes in general..

Anything that gets more people on bikes gets my vote but I'll admit that e-MTBs were something I'd not quite got my head around – until recently.

Before I was old enough to drive, we used to push our downhill bikes up the road before blasting back down. The half-hour push for five minutes of thrill seemed like a good deal at the time but these days, I'd rather spend my time pedalling.

Having jumped aboard a long travel e-MTB the other week I was blown away by just how capable these things are, so much so that we actually rode up a downhill track, one of the steepest I've seen, before turning at the top and riding down it.

People think having a motor makes it easy but there's a whole new skill-set required to get up gradients touching 40% and the effort getting to the top was massive, but doable. Better still, having this new super human strength was almost a big a rush as going back down under my own steam.

I can't wait to do it again.

-Alex Malone

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