The Park Bikes Jungle Girls Win Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney

The Park Bikes Jungle Girls Win Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney

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Park Bikes have been sponsoring and supporting a group of passionate triathletes known as the "Jungle Girls". Here is Renee Everett's summary of the Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 which their team won!

Sunday 26th November was an incredible day. Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 was a very early start, the all-women’s team “#JungleGirls” consisted of swimmer - Tania Mulvey, rider - Carlijn Kerdijk & runner - myself Renee Everett. We packed the car with our goggles, bike, runners and sheer determination…and of course the trending and popular Jungle Girls kit which was designed by the 3 of us and officially launched in October. The jungle leaf & flower covered kit represents the camaraderie, support and encouragement we give to one another and other ladies who ride. Not only does this kit represent motivation and friendship but 20% of the proceeds go to a very worthy charity and one that is close to our hearts; Cancer Council. 

After registering, watching the sunrise and pre-race espresso, nerves and excitement kicked in and after a good pep talk and high-5 we made our way towards the water to see Tania off in the swim. Tania absolutely blitzed it with a 2 minute PB from her 2015 time. She came out of the 1.9km swim in 32:51. T1 went smoothly and Carlijn ‘Dutchie’ Kerdijk was off like a rocket. Knowing Carlijn’s training and drive, there were no doubts on her performance. Thanks to the great Ironman Tracker app, it was eagerly refreshed by Tania & I to watch her progress. Carlijn crushed the bike leg and covered the 90km course in a strong 2hrs and 37minutes.

A big thank you to team supporter Park Bikes based at Sydney Olympic Park who assisted prior to the race by ensuring Carlijn’s bike was serviced and ready to race saving minutes with the fierce ‘Black Ink’ wheels. 

Like our position after Tania’s swim, our team were still leading the All-Women’s category after Carlijn’s performance. Now the tracker was displaying the last leg; the 21.1km run. The heat of the day was amongst us and with no shade on the course, it was an energy-zapping run for me. At every opportunity of scanning the competition at hair-pin turns, I was hungry to bring the team home for the win. I used those ahead to gradually pick off people but also admired the persistence and grit of those doing the whole race.    


As mentally tough as it was looping out and back within the Regatta centre, it was nice to be cooled down by the sprinklers and know familiar smiling faces of supporters were drawing near and cheering me on. 

Approaching the 21km mark my eyes lit up, not only to see the finish chute appear but to see Tania and Carlijn waiting for me, ready to link arms and run down the red carpet and cross the finish line together. The run was finished in 91 minutes.

The smiles on each of our faces made our cheeks hurt more than our bodies during the race. We hugged and laughed and were extremely proud of each other. We did it. We played to our strengths and it showed. In a final time of  4:44:18 the #JungleGirls had a victory. We WON!!!

We collected our Australian themed 1st place plagues and stood proud on the podium representing the All-Women’s team winners for Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney 2017. 

A very special thank you to Nash Kent, James Everett and Nathan Comans - all Parklife CC members and dedicated supporters of the #JungleGirls. Thank you for coming out on a hot day to support us, it is so appreciated.

- Renee Everett.