We'll Get Through This

We'll Get Through This

Following last night's National Cabinet meeting re. COVID-19, and the Prime Minister's release, it's clear more drastic measures are needed to put this pandemic behind us. We will do our absolute best to prevent the spread of the disease.

Of course, this will be a major challenge for us, but the last 18 months has taught us to be resilient & we're confident we can get through this with help from you - our fantastic, loyal customers. 

The team and I wish you all the best & hope you can ride this out with the health of you and your families intact.

What We're Doing.. 

The following measures are being put in place right now:

  1. We are open for now, but with the doors closed. We have moved to an appointment-based arrangement. Please email sales@parkbikes.com.au or call us on (02) 8073 4777 if you need anything. The main area of our shop is 140m2, so we believe three customers at any one time is adhering to the Australian Government Department of Health's rules for social distancing (people 1.5m or more away from each other). We ask that you keep the visits short and sharp rather than social. Research and questions can be done before you come, and we're happy to help via phone and email.
  2. We will update and increase the products available on our online store. This will take us a couple of weeks but we're working hard on it from now.
  3. We will have a delivery service for new bikes, and a pick up/drop off service for bike services (Champion Service and above). Call or email to arrange.
  4. We're wearing gloves while handling bikes. We're also using a range of sprays sprays and sanitisers on all bikes we work on.
  5. We have hand sanitiser around the store for staff and customers to use.
  6. We have reduced our working hours. Many of our administrative, online store, coaching tasks will be done at home so staff don't have to spend as much time at work, but can still make up some hours. We apologise for any inconvenience here. The new shop hours are effective from 23/3/2020 to 31/08/2020.


Update From Matt

Pure Performance Sports Physiotherapy and Bike-fitting will keep running for now. Appointments with Matt can be made online or on the phone.

Matt's appointments will be spread apart further than they normally are to allow for extensive cleaning between.

Obviously we strongly urge you not to come if you're not feeling well.