Local Loops - Solo Ride Ideas In Sydney

Local Loops - Solo Ride Ideas In Sydney

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These ride ideas are aimed more at those who are experienced in group riding, but are looking for a little more confidence to ride solo.

These are places we consider relatively safe, with some challenging elements to make the ride count a bit more.

1. Bobbin Head Loop

Start at Hornsby Swimming Pool. It's a good spot to park your car if you drive there. Head north on the Pacific Highway until you see the Bobbin Head turn off at Mt Colah. Turn right on to Belmont Parade using the turning lanes, or the pedestrian crossing of you're not confident moving across lanes. 

After you cross the railway, turn right again, then stop at the intersection with Kuringai Chase Road and turn left. You're now out in a nicer rural area. After you cross over the top of the M1 Motorway, there's around 3kms of undulating road before the descent starts. You'll know it's started after passing the Kalkari Discovery Centre on your right. Be careful and ride well within yourself on this descent as there's all sorts of corners, and some blind spots. Be extra careful around the last left hand hairpin as it's easy to veer wide.

Re-gather yourself and get ready for a 3km climb up to North Turramurra. This is a nice gradual climb, so build the pace gradually, and challenge yourself. The Spinx Memorial or Kuringai High School Can be your finish line.

Ride through North Turramurra, and turn right onto Burns Road. There are many ways to get back to Hornsby, but the most common way is via Eastern Road, Junction Road and Edgeworth David Ave.

2. Concord Golf Club Laps

This is a great local course. We recommend it early or in the middle of the day, as there's a school on the route that can get busy at 8am or 3pm.

Start at the Cunning Avenue/Links Avenue intersection and head east.

Links Avenue is a residential street. Cruise along here at an easy pace. At the end of the street turn left onto Majors Bay Road and pick up the pace a little over the crest of the hill. Descend down to Norman Street and do a sharp, but very fun left hand sweeping turn. Veer left at the large roundabout onto Nullawarra Avenue, this kinks to the right and becomes Yaralla Avenue. Pick up the pace here as the gradient kicks up - maybe 70% effort. Turn left onto Cunning Avenue, and sprint up the side of the golf course till your legs are jelly. Turn left at Links Avenue again for your recovery section, and that's one lap. 

Do as many as you can manage.

3. Newington Armoury

The Newington Armoury is open from Dusk to Dawn. It's great car-free track to ride on. It's know for "The Corner". It's the only real corner on the course as it's a teardrop shape. The course is ridden anti-clockwise. Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club run Thursday night criteriums here through Summer. 

Start of gradually and get the hang of the corner. Once you're feeling confident, try a 20 min effort. See how much distance you can cover in 20 mins, concentrating on smooth cornering, and not going out too hard at the start.