#Mysoloride By Our Friends & Customers

#Mysoloride By Our Friends & Customers

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Here's a selection of the finest #mysolo ride entries from our friends and customers.

Andrew Burridge

'My solo ride' for @parkbikes (support your LBS!) March 2016:

My favourite way to explore new places by bike is to combine it with taking the train and camping, to allow you to get out further, at a low cost, and low stress.

I had signed up to race the 2016 edition of the Battle on the Beach in Wales - a Belgian/Dutch style beach race, that involves a 5km stretch of hard-pack sand, before turning off in to the dunes, singletrack, and forest roads over3 laps. A great end to the CX season!

I took the train on Saturday from my former home in Bristol, to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, before riding 100km of bike paths, quiet roads and gravel up in to the Rhondda Valley, and then followed the canal paths in to Swansea.
I made a detour back down the valley to visit Treorchy, the home village of my former PhD advisor (though he advised me in Los Angeles...it's a small world sometimes)

Running low on daylight (I lost my headlight on a rough descent somewhere) and frozen from the typical Welsh weather (hovering around 0C), I took the train the final leg to Pembrey Forest, where I camped by the race course.
Sunday morning was race time, before packing up camp and catching the train home.
Not the best way to arrive fresh at the start line, but a good reminder that adventuring by bike can be far more rewarding than pinning on a number. That being said, it was (and still is) my favourite race event alongside the annual @3peakscx race in the Yorkshire Dales.

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Chris Spinks

I always held the opinion that riding on Xmas Day was the ultimate luxury. A tribute to complete selfishness on a day that for most is a day of family celebration. In 2016, I was ready to take my opportunity to ride Xmas Day.

After I had completed all food prep I had about a 90min window for a ride, “that’ll do!”. I get my gear on, jump on my bike and my power meter battery was dead! Easy that’s quick fix. I start pedaling, rear mech must have been ‘knocked’ it took me a while to resolve. I now have 52mins, I’m committed, I’m going. I roll down the road and there’s a big tiger snake sitting there looking at me! That’s three things, I’m done! Out. 

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Russell Fox

Glorious solo ride to Mt Stanley in the beautiful Victorian High Country. Best part was not having to listen to the Pat and Mark prattle on for hours on end 😀😀😀😀 

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